St Heliers Pharmacy Over the Counter Products

Over the Counter Products

At St Heliers Pharmacy, we pride ourselves in carrying an extensive range of over the counter products including Cold and Flu preparations, Pain relief solutions, Digestive care products, Skincare products, Personal hygiene toiletries, Babycare, First-aid supplies, and gifts. We are sure to have what you need, however, if we do not - please ask us as we may be able to get it in for you. 

Many of our over the counter products are now also available to buy online

St Heliers Passport Photos

Passport Photos

Are you rushing around for last minute passport photos before your big trip? No need to panic … We can process your passport photos in no time.

Available to 6 pm Weekdays, 4 pm Saturday!  

Morning After Pill

Morning After Pill

Emergency Contraceptive Pill. All our pharmacists at St Heliers Pharmacy are accredited with the NZ College of Pharmacists to provide the Emergency Contraceptive Pill aka the morning after pill.

This service is provided anytime during our opening hours. 

St Heliers Pharmacy Medication Packaging

Medication Packaging

Are you on numerous medications? Do you sometimes get confused with how and when to take your medication? Or do you simply have more important things to focus on than medication management?

Let St Heliers Pharmacy pack your medication in simple, ready to use Medico packs! These packs are easy to use, convenient for traveling and can be delivered straight to your door. Our pharmacists can liaise with your doctor to ensure your medication is taken both optimally and accurately and that you never run out of medications again!

St Heliers Pharmacy Prescriptions


At St Heliers Pharmacy you do not need to wait endlessly for your prescriptions or repeats, all prescriptions are processed promptly so you can be on your way in no time. Come in at a time convenient for you, or ask your doctor to fax your prescriptions through to us anytime, as we process prescriptions as soon as we receive them.   Our fax number is 09 585 2129. 

St Heliers Flu Vaccinations

Flu Vaccinations

At St Heliers pharmacy, we take the complications of Influenza very seriously. We pride ourselves in being able to promote awareness and provide safe and effective vaccination against the influenza virus. We have the option of the Intanza needle, which is a smaller, ‘pain-free’ option for those who do not like needles. The ‘flu Jab’ is available from St Heliers Pharmacy throughout the flu season every year, no appointments required! Please give us a call on (09) 950 3380 for more information

St Heliers Methadone/suboxone Dispensing

Methadone/Suboxone Dispensing

We provide methadone and suboxone dispensing on behalf of the Auckland Opioid Treatment Services and welcome all patients of all backgrounds. Our long opening hours allow for flexible regimes to suit every patient. 

St Heliers Pharmacy UTI

Trimethropin for Urinary Tract Infections

All our pharmacists at St Heliers Pharmacy are accredited with the NZ College of Pharmacists to provide Trimethoprim for Urinary Tract Infections. If you are unsure of your symptoms or suspect you may be showing the first signs of a urinary tract infection, you may be able to get effective treatment straightaway. 

St Heliers Pharmacy Silvasta Consultations

Silvasta Consultations

Ask in store for Silvasta or Viagra (sildenafil), the only approved over-the-counter medical treatment for erectile dysfunction. All our pharmacists are accredited with Douglas Pharmaceuticals to assess and provide treatment for suitable candidates. If you’ve been considering seeking help, skip waiting for the doctor and come in – no appointments necessary!